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Creating a new standard of heart valve treatment

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Who we are

At Capstan Medical, we’re driven by an unwavering commitment to transforming the treatment of structural heart disease. By merging surgical robotics with catheter-based technology and next generation implants, we’ve pioneered a patient-optimized approach to repair and replace heart valves.

Our innovative technology offers a significantly less invasive alternative to traditional open heart surgery while ensuring a precise and reliable placement of the heart valve implant. With these advancements, we may be able to provide patients a solution to their heart valve disease while significantly reducing recovery time and minimizing the risk of complications

Unmet Clinical Need

Heart disease continues to be a leading cause of death in the U.S., claiming the lives of nearly 700,000 Americans each year.

Many cardiovascular treatments have improved and become less invasive, traditional heart valve surgery remains highly invasive and is associated with lengthy recovery times.

In recent years, minimally invasive transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) has gained recognition as a safe and effective standard of care. Despite a larger population afflicted by mitral and tricuspid valve conditions, there are no FDA-approved transcatheter mitral or tricuspid valve replacement options available.

Our Solution

Capstan Medical’s Platform is designed to treat mitral and tricuspid valve disease through a catheter while the heart is still beating.

Our cutting-edge solution combines advancements in surgical robotics with a catheter-based approach and provides a less invasive alternative to open heart surgery. The Capstan Platform will enable improved patient outcomes and shorter recovery times.

With a dedicated team of heart valve device experts and robotics engineers, we are fully committed to developing a comprehensive and transformative solution that will positively impact the lives of patients affected by these conditions.

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